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Sammy and the Bare Bears
Chapter 21: Not What She Seems!
Written by Sabreleopard

   In the morning, the bears got ready for the day and were thinking about what to do for today. But Grizzly quickly came up with an idea and was already excited thinking about. He shared with his brothers. “Hey guys, I’ve got an idea of what we can do for today!” Panda replied, “If it’s relaxing and taking it easy, then I’ll see if I like the idea.” Ice Bear added, “Ice Bear will be the judge of that.” Grizzly challenged his brothers. “Guess what I found!” The other two made their guesses. “Floats?” “Mountain bikes.” Grizzly replied, revealing his discovery, “Nope. I found these!” As he opened the closet door, there was a box of kites.

   Panda and Ice Bear looked on with surprise and amazement. “Whoa, you found those? Dude, I nearly forgotten we had those!” “Ice Bear’s been wondering if we still had them.” Grizzly explained, “I remembered the previous summers when we took them out to the beach and the park and we had a blast. So I’ve been keeping them and waiting for the right to use for Kite Day!” Panda replied, “What? Is it already…?” As Panda looked into his phone and checked the calendar, he realized something. “Dude, you’re right! Today’s International Kite Day! Dude, we’ve got to get these babies out!” Ice Bear agreed, “Ice Bear will pick his favorite.” Sammy then strode into the scene. She was curious as she asked, “Hey guys, what’s ya all doing and talking about?” She survived throughout the rest of the night without any more nightmares in her sleep. She was up happy and in good shape.

   Grizzly greeted Sammy and explained, “Hey Sammy. I’ve just discovered these kites and today is International Kite Day! We are just thinking on taking these puppies out to enjoy the holiday.” Sammy smiled. “That’s so cool! Can I join you guys?” The bears nodded, with Grizzly replying, “We’re hoping you would say that!” Panda added, “This is going to be totally awesome!” Suddenly, his phone vibrated. Panda investigated to see it was a text. He turned to the others. “It’s from Chloe, she says it’s International Kite Day and she thought if we could something for this day.” Grizzly agreed, “Yes, the more the merrier!” Panda smiled. “Great! I let her know that.” Panda returned the text with the agreement. Grizzly happily exclaimed, “To the park, for International Kite Day!” Everyone cheered, today was going to be fun.


   Sammy and the bears picked up Chloe, who brought her favorite kite. They all headed for the park and due to all the people around most of the place, the friends continued towards their secret spot. When they’ve got there, Sammy saw it was small, but wide and beautiful, with plenty of space. Grizzly explained, “This where we would fly out kites, especially in the summer.” Panda added, “Yeah, this is also our secret spot so no one could bother us.” Ice Bear commented, “Ice Bear needs a lot of space.” Grizzly added, “And the best is there not enough trees or other things for us to worry about our kites getting caught into!” Sammy looked around in awe. “This is cool and awesome! I can’t wait to get started.” Chloe announced, “Right then, let the kite fun begin!”

   Soon everyone got started flying kites. They picked the kites they wanted to fly. Grizzly was flying an eagle, Panda’s kite was a Chinese dragon with wings, Ice Bear chose a snow leopard, and Chloe was flying her kite, which was the shape of creature mixed of a unicorn and a rainbow. The bears also let Sammy pick a kite she wanted to fly and she chose to fly a swan. The friends had a wonderful time flying their kites. The weather was pleasant, with the wind giving a fair breeze. As Grizzly said, nothing caught the kites; there was plenty of space to go around. However, they didn’t know they were being searched for, nor were they aware that their kites would give them away.


   On the roofs of apartment buildings, Andy and his crew were scouring the towns for any sign of Sammy and the bears. They started the search at dawn, like Jo instructed them to. They were to look for Sammy and the bears and alert Nom Nom and his crew, who will pass the word to Jo and her goons, once Sammy and the bears have been spotted. Andy and his crew were having a hard time looking around. The sun was too bright and they didn’t have breakfast. One of Andy’s friend, the one with the hat, complained, “Boss, I’m hungry! Can we just get down and stop for something to eat?” Andy felt his own stomach growling, but he knew all too well of what Jo will do to him if he and his crew failed. “No! Not until we find this Samey girl and the bears! You heard Jo, if we fail, she’ll have us learn flying lessons and we won’t have rockets or gliders!”

   Andy’s crew knew it was useless to argue further or weasel their way out. They knew better than to against Jo’s orders behind her back; she would have known and punish them. So Andy and his crew went back to scouring the city until one of Andy’s henchmen cried, “AHH! Boss, there is a dragon, big birds and other weird creatures heading our way!” Andy got his binoculars out. “Where!?” The boy who cried out pointed the source out. Andy looked at the creatures and saw that they were just kites. “You moron! Those are just kites! It’s International Kite Day, you idio…” He then stopped when he spotted Sammy, the bears, and Chloe. He then smiled wickedly. “Well, well, well! What do we have here? Boys, I think I’ve found our runaway chick and her friends!” He then handed his binoculars to one of his crew. “Here, they’re at the park. Keep an eye on them while I shoot Nom Nom a text. Don’t let them out of your sight!” Andy shot the text to Nom Nom’s phone, giggling, “Oh man, this is so gonna boost my reputation back up!”

   While Andy sent his text message, on another side of the town, on top of his building, Nom Nom was snoring on his beach chair with an umbrella over him. His entourage was around him, scouring over the town for any sign of Sammy and the bears. Like Andy, Nom Nom had to get up at the crack of dawn to start searching for Sammy. But as time passed, even without result, Nom Nom gave in to a nap. He had forgotten that he wasn’t a morning person. So he had his men do the job. He was willing to do whatever it takes to get that cash reward. As he was napping, a vibrant came out his cell phone, waking and disturbing him. He got up and checked his phone. He was not in a good mood. “Ugh, now who would be that stupid to disturb me while I was resting, I mean scouring the city!? Oh, why am I not surprised? It’s Andy, what does he want!?”

   But his mood changed when he read the text. It said ‘Runaway and fur-bags flying kites at ten o’clock, in the park! Get Jo, quick!’ Nom Nom chuckled maliciously, “Ha-ha-ha! Boys, we’ve got ‘em!” At last, his ticket to fortune showed herself up. He dialed the phone and called Jo right away. Back the goons’ hideout, Jo noticed her phone ringing. She picked it up and answered, “Hello?” Nom Nom answered, “Hello, Nom Nom here.” Jo growled, “What d’ya want, Koala Boy? This better be good!” Nom Nom replied, “Great news! Andy’s crew just spotted Samey and the bears in the park, possibly participating in International Kite Day. He said for you guys to come quick.” Jo smiled, “Good job! I know I could count on you, my crew will be with you any second.” Nom Nom replied, “Great! Tell them we’ll be seeing them in the park.” Jo replied, “Thanks for the tip.” Jo hanged up. At last, Sammy was found and this time, there will be no escape for her.

   Jo turned to her cahoots. “Great news, everyone. Samey and her friends have just been spotted at the park. Nom Nom said for you guys to meet them there. You all know what to do now.” Max and Sugar nodded and grinned maliciously. Jo turned to Taylor, “Alright Taylor, you know your part. Get your security guards ready and take them and half of my dog pack with you.” Taylor replied, “Got it! But wait, what are you gonna do while we’re gone?” Jo answered, giving a dark smile, “I’m going to keep a sharp eye out for Jasmine and her friends, just in case they come here to get in our way.” Taylor raised an eyebrow. “What, you mean that giganto freak and her undead friend. I may not care about them, but what are you going to do with them when they get here?” Jo’s dark smile grew. “Anything we want with them. Amy just wants them out of the way. She said we can dispose of them as much as she cares!”

   Taylor smiled at the last part. “You don’t say. That would fun to watch. I just hope that pint-sized twerp, Sky, doesn’t show up. She’s so overrated and should get what’s coming to her.” Jo replied, “That’s okay, she could join Jasmine and zombie boy on what I’m going to do to them.” Taylor couldn’t help but press more. “Mind if I ask, what are you going to do them?” Jo was expecting her to say that. She got a hold of Alpha’s chew doll. “Showing you what I’m gonna do to Jasmine and her friends.” She punched the doll very hard multiple times while the doll squeaked loudly and she then threw the doll to her dog, who caught and started to chew and rip the doll apart. Taylor started with an impressed look. “Wow! You really are dangerous and crazy! I like that, reminds me of Amy, she’s my best friend. We so have much in common.” Jo nodded. “I can see that. Now hurry up and get moving! We’ve got a runaway to catch.”


   After flying the kites, the friends decided to take a break, especially since it was getting hot out. So the bears decided to have a water balloon fight while the girls got lemonade and relax, watching the bears have fun. The friends also had popsicles to munch on. Sammy sighed joyfully, “I tell ya, this is what Saturdays are for, doing fun things all day.” Chloe agreed, “You said it! I love Saturdays and doing fun things.” The bears cheered, “Fun things forever!” With that, they jumped on a pile of water balloons they gathered on and the balloons popped water everywhere, nearly missing the girls, who laughed.

   Sammy chuckled, “Whoa there! Almost got me!” Chloe shouted jokingly, “Hey! Watch it, you guys! You almost got us wet!” Grizzly made a toast with his half-eaten popsicle, “To Sammy! Not just a best friend.” Chloe added, lifting her lemonade to a toast as well, “The best of best friends we all ever had! To Sammy!” Panda replied, “The cheerleader we’ve ever met!” Ice Bear added, “The sweetest of all sweet!” With that, the bears playfully tossed water balloons at Sammy. Sammy dodged the balloons, laughing, “Alright, alright! Stop it now, you’re getting me soaked! I tell ya though; it’s unnatural for brothers to get along well as you guys do.” Grizzly chuckled, squeezing Panda with a hug, “Ha! We have a lot of summer to go around and drive each other nuts.” Feeling his space invaded, Panda nudged Grizzly away with a water balloon, which landed on Grizzly’s face.

   Sammy nervously chuckled then sighed, “Ha, yeah. A lot of summer to go around.” Sammy stared down to the ground in guilt. Chloe noticed and asked, “Are you okay, Sammy. You seem blue.” With the bears paying attention, Sammy figured it was her chance to tell them the truth. “Guys, there’s something I, um… I should tell you. It’s um… W-Well it’s complicated. I…” With Chloe and the bears staring at her with concern on their faces, Sammy backed out. “I’m going to go refresh my lemonade.” Grizzly replied, “Okay, we understand. After all, in a day like this, it’s always good to get some fluid into your system.” Panda added, “Plus, it’s dangerous.” Chloe patted Sammy’s back. “It’s okay, we’ll wait. Go refill your lemonade.” Sammy gratefully replied, “Thanks, I won’t be out for long!” She then went off, leaving the bears continue their fun and Chloe watching.

   Sammy sadly said to herself, “Enjoy while you can, Sammy. They’ll find out sooner or later. Today’s the day!” Suddenly, Sammy noticed a red dot on her hair. “What is that, a ladybug?” She touched it to make it move, but it just stood there. In fact, when she touched it, the dot was on her hand, then off when her hand came off. The next thing she knew there were more red dots all over her face. Sammy then realized they were not ladybugs. “What the…? Oh no!” But it was too late for her to run as an agent tackled her to the ground. Sugar appeared, smirking, “For once you’re right, sweetheart. Today IS the day, for your capture! Yee-haw! We’ve finally got her!” Taylor appeared and contacted her men, “Target secured, take the area!” Helicopters then appeared out of nowhere.

   Chloe and the bears then found themselves surrounded agents and dogs. Grizzly didn’t know what’s happening. “What the… What’s going on here? Who are you guys!?” An agent called through his walkie-talkie. “Bears and girl secured! Park team, go!” More agents appeared from the helicopters and invaded the area. “Picnic area, clear!” Play area, clear!” They even secured the lemonade stand, with the salesman protesting, “Hey, what gives? Who are you guys and don’t you want some lemonade, it’s only fifty cents.” One agent called, “Lemonade stand secured, we’ve just secured a lemonade stand!” One agent invaded a spot, where a raccoon was searching through the trash. The man had some dogs surround the raccoon, who tried to defend himself. He called out, “Raccoon secured, we’ve just secured a raccoon!” He then pulled out yellow taped and barred the raccoon and the trash bin with the tape. The others did the same thing to the lemonade stand, with the salesman complaining, “Now what did I do wrong?”

   The whole area was then yellow-taped. One agent was forcing Sammy to the hood of a car. Sammy protested, “Hey! Hands off of me, you jerk!” The man pinned her head on the car, with Sammy protesting more, “Ow! I don’t understand, what did I do that warrants this much arresting!?” Her answer came out of the shadows in the shape of Taylor, Max, and Sugar. Max and Sugar grinned, chorusing, “Hello, bears! We meet once again!” Panda couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “What!? You two again? Oh no!” Grizzly was surprised, “The kidnappers that pretended to be a rescue team!?” Ice Bear added, “Ice Bear thought you guys got eaten by Otterzilla.” Max replied, “We survived, barely!” Sugar fibbed, “I used Maxie here as a shield, he cried like a baby. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” Max got offended and glared at Sugar. “What, no you didn't! And please, not front of the bears!” Sugar giggled, “I know, I was just teasing you!” Max looked away, annoyed.

   Grizzly noticed something different. He looked at Taylor. “Hey, I don’t remember seeing you. Who are you and what happened to Jo?” Taylor introduced herself, “I’m Taylor and as for Jo, she’s back in our place, dealing with some business.” Panda replied with a question, “How did you guys managed to find us?” Sugar smirked, answering, “I’m glad you asked. Well, there is someone you guys know all too well, but he clearly doesn’t like you. So he’s helping us out.” Max smirked as well. “Yeah and he turned you all in, becoming a member of evil!” Chloe and the bears weren’t sure what they were talking about. Grizzly replied, “Really, someone who hates us told you guys where we were? I wonder who?” Ice Bear figured it out. “Ice Bear can guess.” Sugar nodded and made way for their helper. “Yep, we couldn’t have found you guys without the help of Nom Nom!” As said, Nom Nom stepped out of the shadows, followed by Andy Bang, who jumped out and yelled, "Bang!" The bears gasped in shock and surprise.

   Nom Nom smirked. “Hello, bears!” Grizzly replied, confused and surprised, “Nom Nom, you’re behind this!? I don’t understand, we thought you were in your little California tour vacation thing.” Nom Nom replied, “I was, but I came back home. That was then they asked me for their assistance.” Panda was upset to hear this. “Nom Nom, who could you!? We thought you didn’t want anything to do with us!” Ice Bear glared hatred at the koala. “Ice Bear will kill you for this!” Nom Nom replied, “I don’t, which is why they promised me to help me be rid of you guys!” Chloe and the bear chorused, “What!?” Nom Nom turned to Sammy, smirking more. “Hello Sammy, or should I say Samey?” Sammy was clearly not happy to see Nom Nom. She angrily turned on the koala. “Nom Nom, what kind of friend or a celebrity are you!?” Nom Nom retorted, “Nonsense! You never liked me anyway! You even refused to join me on my state tour and even called me names!”  Sammy yelled, “I demand you tell these jerks to release me and my friends!” Nom Nom chuckled wickedly, “Sorry girl, no can do! We’ve got a deal to meet.” He then whispered gloatingly into Sammy’s ear, “And I know your little secret!” Sammy was stunned as Nom Nom continued, “Yeah, I know who you are now and I also know what you did!”

   The bears then noticed Andy. Grizzly spoke, “Wait, Andy Bangs? What are you doing here?” Andy turned to the bears. “Hey, fellas! Surprised to see me?” Chloe snorted, “Maybe, but also unimpressed.” Andy turned to Chloe. “So you’ve seen my videos.” Chloe glared at him in disgust. “Yeah, some of them and I didn’t like them one bit. They were disgusting and immature. I’ve never liked you, Andy Bangs.” Although disappointed and annoyed by her attitude, Andy gloated, “Aw, really? Well you’re soon going hate once we help put you and your friends in your place!” Panda replied, “Wait, you’re helping Nom Nom? I thought you hated him. Remember that night when he…?” Andy angrily interrupted him, “Don’t say it! I do not want to be reminded. And Of course I hate him, we both hate each other! We’re just working together as partners!”

   Taylor started, “Two summers ago, a blonde cheerleader cheated in a game show and committed a heinous act against her sister. Then a month ago, someone broke into a bank in Alberta, Canada, blacked out the security cameras and robbed a million dollars.” Sammy questioned Taylor’s accusation. “What, you think that was all me!?” Taylor talked down to Sammy, “Don’t play dumb and innocent with us, Samey!” Sammy tried to defend herself, “But I actually am innocent! I wasn’t near any bank that month! I was actually in the train, I swear! And my name is Sammy, not Samey!”

   Panda didn’t like where this was going. “Wait, Sammy! No!” Grizzly defended Sammy, “Wait, you’ve got the wrong girl! Sure Sammy may have trespassed in our cave when we first met her, but she’s not some evil super villainess.” Panda joined in, “Yeah, you can’t do this! Sammy’s really a nice girl. She wouldn’t hurt a fly!” Ice Bear added, “Ice Bear actually likes her.” Chloe joined her friends. “Yeah, how would you know Sammy’s behind whatever crime you’re talking about?” Taylor lectured the bears and Chloe, “Listen care-bears. We’ve been watching your friend for a good amount of time and we’ve seen some pathetic stunts. But nothing is as crazy and criminalizing as what your friend has done and is trying to hide. Some time in a game show called Total Drama, she did something terribly low and dishonorable! And she had the nerve to desert the place she called home and the ones that were in her family.”

   The bears and Chloe looked at each other in surprise at what they’ve just heard. These people must have had it wrong. Sammy would never do any of that. Taylor turned to Sugar and Max. “Max, Sugar, you guys take the bears and the nerdling. Do what you want with them. Nom Nom, Andy, and I will have a talk with the cheerleader.” Max and Sugar nodded and grinned wickedly. Taylor turned to Chloe and the bears. “Sorry to break it to you, care-bears, but you don’t know your friend at all.” With that She turned away to take Sammy away. She called to Nom Nom and Andy. “Nom Nom, Andy, you guys are coming with me.” Andy followed. “Rodger that, toots!” Nom Nom stopped to turn around and smirk at the bears. “See you guys and your friend never, fur-bags!” He threw them a raspberry and chuckled, “Who’s the butt now?” With that he followed Taylor and Andy to the car.

   Going with their orders, Max snapped a finger at one of the agents and pointed at the bears and Chloe. The agent secured Chloe and the bears. Another agent snatched Grizzly’s popsicle. “Icy pop cleared!” Grizzly protested before being shoved away. “Hey! That was mine!” With no one looking, the agent looked around and starting licking the half-eaten popsicle. As Chloe and the bears were being led and pushed into the car Max and Sugar were in, they looked at the other car that Taylor, Andy, and Nom Nom were in. There was Sammy in the back seat. Sammy could see them too. She tried desperately to call out to her friends. “Guys, you gotta believe me! I’m innocent, honest! Guys!” With that, the car drove away. The agents left the area too as one of them ordered, “Arrest done! Alright team, move out!” They followed Taylor’s car.


   Taylor’s car went to a mansion. As they drove in, Sammy had to be honest on her opinion about the place. “Wow, nice place you got here.” Taylor replied, “Thanks, but this is our summer home. My mom, my step-dad, my annoying little step-brother and I are staying here just for the summer. I miss my old dad already! I don’t even like those guys! Ugh, I hope they don’t notice us.” Sammy frowned a bit, thinking about the father she used to have. Nom Nom replied to Taylor, “Hey, give them a chance. Who knows? Your step-dad will probably make a lot of money.” Taylor replied, “You don’t understand, my step-dad’s very annoying and a doofus! My step-brother is just a smart Alec, thinks he’s better than me! I don’t want to think or talk about it any longer. Now let’s shut up and get Samey into somewhere private while my family’s in the backyard!”

   The three brought Sammy to the basement, hoping things will be smooth and private. Taylor sat Sammy down to a chair and confronted her, preparing to tie her to the chair. “Samey, you are to stand to be accused of poisoning your sister, impersonating her, running away, and even robbing a bank of a million dollars. Who would you plead to those charges?” Sammy knew this is a sit up by the one she knew. Someone who abused her for years since birth. But she knew somethings she did wrong and the ones that were made up. “I would say guilty for the first two charges, but not guilty for the other two.” Nom Nom called out, “Come on, you can’t just pick and choose! Those charges are a whole!” Sammy ignored him, but she had an idea. “I’m sorry, could I have my private phone call, please?” Nom Nom opposed it, “Absolutely not! She’s guilty, she doesn’t deserve a private phone call! And who knows what devious plan she has up her sleeve?” Taylor over-ruled it, “Relax, Nom Nom. Let her have her private phone call. She’s not going anywhere after all. Besides, who cares what friends she has, they’ll just fail anyway. So let her try.” Annoyed, Nom Nom grumbled, “Fine!”

   Meanwhile, in the woods, Charlie was strolling around the woods. He was looking at the kites, but he thought they were just other, mysterious creatures. He sighed, “I wish I could fly in the sky like them. They seem to have the fun, being in the sky and all. What do you think, friend? Is flying only for the birds?” As he asked, he turned to a strange-looking bird. The animal did have feathers like a bird. It’s wings were like a bird, but on each wing were three claws of a reptile. The beak was like a bird, but with teeth. Another odd trait was its tail. It almost looked like a bird and had feathers, but it also looked like the tail of a reptile. The bird-like creature the colors mixed of dark brown, grey, black and white. It was also the size of a crow. As if trying to answer Charlie’s question, the strange bird-like creature made a shrug. Charlie nodded, “Yeah, I guess you could be right. I sometimes wish I was a bird or that I could at least fly.”

   He had the walkie-talkie he had with him, but forgot about it until a voice rang out. “Charlie!” It Charlie’s attention, but startled the bird-like creature, which flew off. Charlie was startled too. “Sammy? Are you out here somewhere? Is this a game of hide, shout, and seek?” Sammy’s voice called out again. “Charlie, please pick up!” Charlie then saw it came through the walkie-talkie. He picked up. “Sammy, is that you?” He then figured that something was wrong. “Sammy, did you get kidnapped? Oh man, I’d better get the bears…!” Sammy stopped him and explained, “Yes, I get captured and so did the bears and Chloe. Listen, please. I know you don’t like being near people, but I need you do something really brave. I need to look out for any cars and look through inside them. If you see the bears and Chloe, I need you to go after it and get them out of there and led them to safety. I’ll meet you and the others soon.” As Sammy hung up, Charlie knew his friends were in danger and it’s up to him to help them. Charlie braced himself, putting on his bear disguise. “Well, my friends had been sticking out for me and covering for me. Now it’s time I return the favor. This looks like a job for ole Charlie! Let’s do this!” He then headed off to the road to search and save his friends.


   Meanwhile, on the road, Max and Sugar were driving to a far distance while coming up with a plan to dispose of the bears and Chloe. While Sammy was left alone to make her private phone call, Taylor face-timed them about the progress. “We’ve got Samey in custody, right now, she’s in my basement. You two take care of those bears and the little nerdy runt.” Offended by that, Chloe called out, “I can hear you, you know!” Max and Sugar ignored her as they replied to Taylor, “With pleasure!”

   As Taylor hung up, Panda couldn’t but ask the evil duo about their plans. “What are you two going to do to us?” Sugar replied, “We’ll be taking you guys to somewhere far that you won’t come back. Somewhere like the circus or a roadside zoo.” Grizzly booed at them. Sugar turned her attention to Chloe. “As for you, shouldn’t you be at school?” Chloe corrected her, “One, it’s the summer, which means there’s no school in the summer. Two, this may sound strange to you, but I go to a University college.” Max and Sugar were surprised at the last part. “Say what, now! You, a puny kid, go to college!?” “I thought kids only go to school, everything’s topsy turvy!” They then laughed. “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” “Yeah, right! And I’m the Joker!” Chloe replied, “At least I’m way smarter than you two!” Max spat back, “Ah, shut up! You’re just mad because your friend got caught in the end. And you’re going to be put in Child Service.” Grizzly booed at Max and Sugar more.

   Sugar gloated, “Yeah! You guys should have cooperated with us when you had the chance! Your friend is getting what she deserves.” Grizzly didn’t believe nor trusted the evil duo. “Why do you guys even chase her? What had she ever done to you?” Panda added, “And what do you want with Sammy?” Sugar answered, “Oh, it’s what we want or what she did to us. It’s what Amy wants and what she did to Amy.” Grizzly asked, “And who’s Amy, may I ask?” Max replied, “You haven’t watched our show, did you? No wonder Samey’s been taking advantage of you lot. Anyway, Amy is Samey’s superior twin sister.” Chloe and the bears couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They really didn’t believe them. Panda denied to prove it, “That’s absurd! She only has a brother, who got adopted; she has no sister! She’s also an orphan!” Sugar replied, “She lied to you all. She’s a liar! She was just using you all!” Chloe and the bears were furious to hear that from Sugar. Ice Bear growled at the evil duo, “Ice Bear will break you both for hurting and insulting Sammy!” Grizzly defended Sammy. “How is that possible!? Sammy’s a complete and honest saint, you judge-mental gasbag!” Offended, Sugar spat, “How dare you! You know what, fine by me! Samey can tell that to the judge when she goes to court and you can tell that to your new masters when we get you to them! Now shut up and let me drive! You’re ruining my concentration!” Max snorted, “Just ignore them. They’re not worth it!”

   Panda whispered to his friends, “Guys, this is crazy! There’s no way Sammy could do anything mean-spirited. She’s an angel.” Grizzly agreed, “I know, right? We’ve got to help Sammy and clear her name!” Chloe thought for a moment. She then remembered Max mentioning watch, as if the show would be video-taped. She then had an idea. “Guys, did you hear that? If Sammy participated in a game show, there would have to be recordings or videos people would put on the internet for all to watch. If we can get a look at some videos of some episodes she was in, we can try and prove she is innocent.” Grizzly agreed, “Great idea, but first we need a way out of here.” Ice Bear spoke, “Ice Bear’s got an idea.” He showed the others what’s in his side of the car.

   On the left side of the car was a van driven by none other than the Vegans from the Ridonculous Race, Laurie and Miles. As Chloe and the bears looked, they could see the inside was decorated with vegan and eco-friendly merchandise. They even saw two bumper stickers on the back of the van. One said ‘I love Nature,’ the other said ‘Save the Animals!’ Grizzly then caught on to Ice Bear’s plan. “Good plan, bro!”

   The vegans were watching the road, not wanting to run over some innocent animal, when they heard knocking from the car beside them. They saw two bears, a grizzly and a polar bear. The polar bear wrote ‘Nature is overrated.’ The Grizzly then pointed at Max and Sugar while making an ‘Oh!’ face, as if Max and Sugar said it. The vegans were shocked by that and gasped. Then Laurie angrily yelled, “NO!” Miles tried to calm her friend down. “Laurie, wait! Let’s be easy…” But it was too late. Laurie slammed their van into Max and Sugar’s car, driving them off course and taking them by surprise. Chloe and the bears braced themselves.

   Max tried to comprehend on what’s happening. “Hey, what the… What’s going on here!?” Sugar was surprised as Max was. “What in tarnation…!?” Then an angry voice yelled out, “YOU!” Scared silly, Sugar turned to see Laurie glaring venomously at her as she spat, “So you think nature is overrated, huh? Well, I’ll show you, fatso!” Sugar was offended by the last part. “Hey! Did you just call me fa…!?” She didn’t get to finish as Laurie roared as she slammed against Sugar and Max’s car the second time, “Karma will get you for this!” Miles shouted, “Laurie, you’re driving angry!” Laurie yelled back, “Yes I am! And those jerks need to be taught a lesson!”

   For the third time, Laurie slammed the van against the car, sending it sprawling out of control. Everybody in the car struggled to keep hold of their seats as the car crashed out of the road and into the woods. Sugar and Max screamed in fright. “Help! Mayday, mayday! We’re going down!” “We’re all gonna die!” The car crashed into a tree with one of its sides. Luckily, no one got hurt. But a large, thick branch was blocking Sugar’s door. Sugar grunted with frustration as her made her attempt to get out free. “Stupid darn branch!” Max spoke confidently, “Ha, you may be stuck, by luckily my door is free! Now to get out…” But he too found his door blocked by another tree. It must have tilted after the crash. Max shouted with frustration. “What!? Ahhh, not me too! Curse you, nature!” Fortunately, Chloe and the bears found their door unblocked. They opened the door and got out of the car with, Grizzly shouting with victory, “Ha-ha, yes!”

   Max was speaking through her walkie-talkie, “Back up! Requesting back up!” But before any contact was made, Ice Bear snatched the walkie-talkie away from Max, who protested, “Hey!” Ice Bear, along with the others, glared at Max and Sugar before he threw the walkie-talkie down to the ground and stomped on it to pieces. Max glared at them. “You can’t do this to us! Can’t you see she’s just using you?” Panda yelled at Max, “How dare you call Sammy a criminal without evidence! She would never do that to us! You guys are just jealous because she’s cool and our best friend!” Sugar spoke back, “Excuse me!? Us, jealous of her!? If that so, did she mention any pals she had? Did she even have many other friends? Why did she came to you guys alone, with no one with her?”

   Chloe answered, “So she was alone when we met her, so what? She’s cool in our eyes. In fact, she’s just embracing the future and our friendship and you bullies are just trying to hold us back!” Max smirked grimly, “Oh we’ll hold you back alright, from being her minions! We don’t need evidence to show you, they’re on the internet, so go ahead. You’ll see what she has done! By you guys following her and listening to everything she says, you’ll all be hurt and miserable within a week. She’s only interested in taking advantage of you because you’re all too stupid and naïve to know any better!” Panda gasped, almost shedding a tear. “I’m not stupid!” Grizzly comforted him, “Don’t worry. You’re not, but they!” Ice Bear advanced on Max, who wiped his smirk off and panicked. “No, no! Wait, I didn’t mean stupid, I mean ignorant!” But it was too late for that. Ice Bear pulled back a long branch, then let it go. It hit Max squarely in the face. “OW!” Sugar commented to Max, “I think you’ve pushed it too far.” Max argued, “Shut up, Sugar!”

   Grizzly called out the duo, “That’s for harassing, kidnapping, and insulting us and Sammy!” He then led the way, leaving the evil duo stuck in the car. “Come on, guys. We’re gonna clear our friend’s name!” Sugar glared at the group as they turned their backs on her and Max. “You poor fuzzballs! You really think your friend, Samey, is innocent? Do you all actually think you cares about you? I’ve seen it all before. Grudges, name calling, poison fruits, sabotages, fake identities, and fights! One minute, they’re berry picking and playing nice and shy, the next minute they’re poisoning people with fruit and impersonating their victims, like soon kind of conspiracy.” Chloe stopped as she thought about what Sugar said. Sammy couldn’t possibly have done all that. She wouldn’t hurt anyone. She didn’t even claim doing these crimes. Chloe thought about as Max added, “Your friend scammed everyone on that game show and everyone else that trusted her. You’re going to let her scam you too?” Chloe couldn’t help but think about it.

   But Chloe couldn’t let that get to her. There was no way Sammy was a heartless criminal. Chloe turned to the duo and denied them. “You… You guys don’t know what you’re talking about!” Chloe turned her back on Max and Sugar to join with the bears. Max yelled after them, “You won’t get away with this! After you found out the truth, you’ll be thanking us!” Sugar shouted, “You’re all gonna regret this!” The duo screamed as air bags suddenly popped out, cutting off any more of their trash talks. Chloe and the bears continued on their way towards the cave, avoiding any agents that would probably be passing by. The cave was where Sammy’s backpack was and nobody was invading or guarding it. It was safe for them to get to. They’ll have to check through Sammy’s stuff, but they’ll get the evidence they need to clear her name.

   It took some time getting back to the cave and making sure they weren’t being followed. But Chloe and the bears eventually reached home. Panda felt temporarily relieved. “Home, sweet home! We’ve made it!” Grizzly replied, “Yes we did, now let’s get some proof of Sammy’s innocence!” The bears and Chloe went inside the cave. Ice Bear got a hold of Sammy’s back pack, while Panda got the laptop out to search for videos of the game show Sammy participated in. Grizzly and Chloe checked through Sammy’s bag while Panda looked through the internet. Ice bear kept watch from the windows. Chloe gave Grizzly some advice, “The best primary source to find as proof of innocence is a diary.” Grizzly nodded, “Right. Now if I were any of Sammy’s proof of innocence, or a diary, where would I be?” Chloe got a hold of something. “I’ve found something! I maybe not exactly a diary, but it’s like it.” Grizzly replied, “Alright, it’s take a look at it.”

   Chloe and Grizzly found a note called ‘Sammy’s Traveling Log.’ They opened it to the first page and read through it. It said about Sammy starting her journey, for her to have a new life. It also said something about Sammy no longer having a home and no one at her side. Grizzly was already to start feeling sympathy for Sammy. “Poor Sammy, she just wants a place to stay and start fresh.” They continued on the second page, which said Sammy buying some things she needed like food, water, and other supplies with her money she saved. Grizzly commented, “Wow, smart kid she is.” Chloe agreed, “Indeed!” They continued on the other pages about how she was looking for a job, tried some places, but was turned down. There was the page where it said about Sammy talking the train to the states. There were more pages about her stay in the train as she passed through Washington and Oregon, eventually stopping at California, where she got off. There were several pages that said about her traveling through canyons, deserts, and woods.

   Grizzly couldn’t help but admired Sammy. He was also happy that there was no evidence of Sammy robbing some bank in Canada. “She’s pretty resourceful. I can’t believe she survived through the wilderness alone! That’s awesome! And the best part is that we’ve checked through all these pages in her time in Canada and according to this, she’s just preparing for her journey and getting on the train. It says nothing about her robbing a Canadian bank; that proves Sammy’s innocent!” Chloe replied with some concern, “Yeah, but I’m curious about what was Sammy doing, hiding in the wilderness. You wouldn’t need to travel through wilderness unless you’re hiding or running from the authorities.” Grizzly was then concerned and confused too. “But why would Sammy do that?”

   Panda then answered, “Uh, I think maybe this would be why. You might want to check this out.” He sounded rather stunned. Chloe, Grizzly, and Ice Bear came over to see what Panda found. When they looked, they were surprised to see what it was. There was a video and Sammy was in it. It was a clip of the game called Total Drama Pahkitew Island. Panda explained, “I typed ‘Pahkitew Island and I was skimming through them, send I saw this. You guys ain’t going to like this, but look.” He pressed play and the video started with Sammy and a girl that looked exactly like her, except with a mole on her right cheek.

   That girl was acting strange as if she was becoming sick or having a hard time breathing. Sammy looked with a smile on her face as a man, possibly the game host, was speaking, “And Samey, it was your balloon that cost your team this challenge. The sister heading home is…” The girl then was trying to say something, only to gag gasping for air. Chloe and the bears were more surprised when they saw and heard Sammy say, “Oh, ignore her, she’s just trying to get sympathy! Aren’t you, Samey?” They friends then got confused. Grizzly scratched his head. “I don’t understand, why did Sammy just called her Samey? And who was that!?” Chloe suggested, “That seems to be her twin sister.” Ice Bear stated his confusion, “Ice Bear thought she didn’t had a sister, only a brother.” Grizzly agreed, “Yeah, where’s he?” Panda replied, “That’s what I thought. And look.” The video continued more as the man continued, “Can’t what you’re saying, Samey. And it really doesn’t matter, because you’ve been voted off!” Sammy smiled more while the gagging girl shouted as if to say no and tried to talk, but it was too late as it flashed to where she was in the cannon, with Sammy waving and saying, “Bye-bye, Samey! Have a nice flight!” the gagging girl tried to say something, but to no avail as the man commented, “Wish I could understand. It sounds really important.” He then pressed the button, with caused the cannon to blast the girl far away with her screaming.

   Grizzly frowned at what he was watching. “Oh, Sammy! What did you do to her? You shouldn’t be smiling like that, you’re a nice person!” Chloe patted Grizzly’s paw, comforting him. “Don’t worry, I think she would end up regretting it. Besides, I’m sure she had a reason.” The video then flashed to where Sammy was in a place that looked like an outhouse and she was sighing, “She’s had it coming for years!” She then smile as she continued, “I guess twinning isn’t everything.” There was then a tall, dark-skinned girl who looked Australian. She cheered, “The ole Switch-a-Roo! Good for Samey!” The video then ended. The friends were now confused. Grizzly scratched his head more. “A switch-a-roo? Was that Sammy did? Who was that tall girl in the end and why did she call her Samey? Her name is Sammy, not Samey!” Panda replied, “Well, she doesn’t look regretful to me.” Ice Bear spoke, “Ice Bear’s now confused.”

   Grizzly denied the thought of Sammy being sneaky and treacherous. “Okay, okay! So Sammy probably had a sister and played the switch-a-roo on her. That doesn’t mean she’s leading a criminal, double-crossing life!” Chloe was looking through Sammy’s backpack more when she made a shocking discovery. “Uh, guys. You might want to look at this!” As the bears took a look, they were shocked at what they saw. There was the wanted poster of Sammy, except her name was spelt as Samey. The poster said something really shocking, giving a possible reason for Sammy being on her own: she ran away from home! Grizzly couldn’t believe it. “What!? She ran away from home!? But she said she was on her own, that she was an orphan!” Panda was shocked as he was. “She ran away!? But why?” Ice Bear just stared in disbelief and shock. Chloe took it all in, trying to comprehend what’s going on with the cheerleader that came into their life. “That’s what I’m thinking. Why would Sammy play the switch-a-roo on her sister in a game show and cheat? Why would she run away from home? And why would they call her Samey? Unless…” Grizzly and Panda chorused, “…Sammy isn’t …” They all, even Ice Bear, finished together, “… Sammy!?” They then stare, in shock, at the picture of their friend they thought to have known as Sammy smiling at them.

   Chloe walked in circles, trying to figure this whole situation out. “Sammy isn’t Sammy, but Samey? Then who did you guys took in to hang out with you? Who did we befriend this summer? It doesn’t make any sense!” Despite the evidence shown to him, Grizzly refused to accept that Sammy was a criminal taking advantage of them. “There has to be an explanation. Maybe we’re being summer-fooled, like April Fools! Just any minute, someone is going jump out if nowhere and say ‘Gotcha!’ or ‘Summer Fools!’ any minute now!” He waited for something to happen. “Any minute now.” But nothing happened. Panda had to break it to Grizzly. “Grizz, I’m sorry but this is all for real.” Ice Bear expressed his shock. “Ice Bear can’t believe this is happening!”

   Chloe continued, “I can’t believe it! All this time, Sammy had been hiding her secret right under our noses.” Grizzly refused to accept that Sammy was a criminal taking advantage of them as he searched through Sammy’s backpack. “There’s gotta be some explanation here somewhere! She must’ve had a reason for all this.” Panda agreed, “Hopefully, she does. That’s why we need to find her and ask her all about this. But what if she lies again and refuses to tell us the truth?” Chloe glared through the window. “If so, then we’re gonna have to make her say ONLY the truth! Who’s with me?” Grizzly and Panda knew they have to get the truth out of Sammy. They raised their paws. Grizzly spoke, “We are!” Panda added, “We need answers!”

   They all then turned to Ice Bear, who was now confused and unsure what to do. Sammy may have lied about her background, but she was very nice to Ice Bear and the others. Ice Bear didn’t want to bring himself into hurting Sammy, even if she deceived him. But he knew he couldn’t just let Sammy go. He had to agree with Chloe and his brothers that justice needs to be brought to action. He sadly raised his paw, with his head low, saying, “Ice Bear’s in. Ice Bear wants answers too.” Chloe nodded. “Good. Now let’s go find her and gets some answers!” The friends headed out to find Sammy.
It's a fun holiday where people go out and do an all time favorite hobby in the summer. But Sammy still feels reluctant about telling her friends the truth and her real past, despite that she promised herself to do it that day. However, things turn bad as Sammy's pursuers finally catch up with her and her friends. Sammy gets taken away and is accused of some crimes, Chloe and the bears escape to prove their new friend is innocent. But when they try to get some evidence, they are in for a huge surprise! Will they prove that Sammy is innocent or will they find out Sammy's real past and actions?

Sammy, Jo, Sugar, Max, and Taylor all belong to Total Drama, which belongs to Fresh TV.
Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear, Chloe, Charlie, Nom Nom, Andy Bangs, and their entourages belong to We Bare Bears, which belongs to Daniel Chong.
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Nice chapter and good homage to the Gravity Falls episode. :nod:

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Thanks and I knew you would catch on! ;) Not surprised you knew I did that.

Don't worry, I'm sure Sammy will think of a way out of it. ;) I promise you. Trust me, she will make it out.
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