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Sammy and the Bare Bears
Chapter 22: Escape to the Woods
Written by Sabreleopard

   Meanwhile, Taylor was making a phone call to Jo while she left Sammy alone for a while. Jo picked up and answered, “Hello? Is that you, Taylor?” Taylor answered, “Yep, it’s me. Nom Nom and Andy are with me. I’ve got Samey here in my basement, ready for you.” Jo was happy to hear that. “Excellent job, Taylor! Well done! I’ll be soon. Oh, and the bears?” Taylor replied confidently, “Max and Sugar just took them away. I told them to do whatever they want to get rid of them.” Jo replied, “Good! Jasmine and her friends didn’t show up yet. Pity, I was ready to take care of them. Oh well, better earlier than ever, eh? Ha-ha!” Taylor chuckled, “Yeah. Funny, when I left Samey alone for a while, she wanted to make a private call to a friend.” Jo chuckled back, “That’s probably Jasmine she's calling. I’m not surprised that Samey would make a pathetic call to that Aussie freak. Well too bad for her because when Jasmine gets here, my dogs and I will be ready. Let’s just say there’s going to be a tragic urban accident!” Both the girls laughed at their horrid plan. Jo then stopped and instructed Taylor. “Alright, enough of that. You and the boys make sure Samey is ready and bring her to me.” Taylor replied, “You’ve got it!” they hanged up and Taylor called to Nom Nom and Andy. “Come on, boys. Time for Samey to get home!”

   When Sammy was done with her private call, she was looking for some way to get free. She needed to get out of here and find her friends so she could tell them the whole truth about herself before it’s too late. She also felt that it’s her own fault that her new friends were captured and taken away. She murmured to herself, “They’re could be anywhere far. I’ve gotta get out of here and find them before it’s too late! Come on, Sammy, you’ve got to think a way out of it. Think! Think!” Suddenly, the door opened with Taylor, Nom Nom, and Andy entering. Taylor glared at Sammy. “Time’s up, Samey! Playtime’s over for you. Jo’s getting ready to pick you and bring you back to Canada, back to your sister. I’ll enjoy helping her put you away!”

   Nom Nom climbed up to face Sammy and gloated, “Yeah! And soon you’ll regret the day when you turned me down and shamed me! Who’s the sociopath now?” Sammy was not impressed with Nom Nom’s cockiness. She remarked rather cynically, “Enjoying this moment, are you?” Nom Nom grinned wickedly, “Yeah I am! You see, it’s not wise to wrong Nom Nom!” Andy couldn’t help but snigger, “That’s a laugh!” Triggered, Nom Nom turned swiftly on Andy. “Shut up, Andy, but I come over and make you wet your pants!” Andy curled his lip. “You wouldn’t when I have my crew with me.” Nom Nom replied, “Yeah, well I have an entourage too. So there!” Sammy slyly asked, “Is he a friend of yours?” Nom Nom felt disgusted by Sammy’s comment. “What!? Ewww! No way! We’re not friends!” Andy agreed, “Yeah, we hate each other and he’s the reason that my videos received less ratings! It was also because of your bear friends, who he used, that I was made a laughing stock!” Nom Nom snorted, “Well you asked for it, so you deserved it.” Andy yelled, “Shut up!” Nom Nom shouted back, “You shut up, you little baby twerp!”

   Andy worked himself in a rage. “What… Why you little… You’re about get your teeth knocked out, buster! Nobody calls me that and gets away with it!” Nom Nom mocked his rival in crime. “Yeah, says you and what army? You can’t even pull the teeth out of a frog!” Andy shouted, “Frogs have no teeth! That shows how stupid you are!” Nom Nom advance on Andy. “I’ll show you who’s stupid! By the way, girls think you’re fat!” As the two rival-partners were engaging in a fight, Taylor tried to break up the fight. “Alright, alright, you guys! OMG, both of you stop fighting! We’re in this together remember! Samey’s is just trying to turn you guys against each other!”

   Sammy couldn’t help but laugh at this scene. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You guys are so ridiculous! For internet celebrities, you two just can’t get along, can you?” Sammy then stopped laughing as Nom Nom angrily jumped on the table close to her. He snarled, “You stay of this! Can’t you see we’re fight…?” He stopped and realized that Sammy was goading him and Andy and chuckled, “Nice try, Samey! If you really want to waste our time and get off track, you’ve got to do more better than that!” Although she loathed that name the koala just called her, Sammy replied calmly, “My name is Sammy, not Samey, thank you very much.” Nom Nom continued, “Oh yeah, then how could you explain this?” He pulled out the wanted poster with her face on it and the name saying Samey. Sammy looked on at the poster as Nom Nom smiled. He loved playing the role of the judge.

   He continued, “Yeah, that says a lot. Do any of those bears even know your real name was Samey?” Sammy scowled at the koala. “They wouldn’t have to, because that’s not my real name! Amy just made it up so she could feel superior than me!” Nom Nom replied sarcastically, “Oh yeah. Yeah right, just like she made up all your crimes, even robbing a bank!” Andy chuckled, “Yeah, that would have been as low as me! If I were in a bank, I would hide in the money and when someone come in, I’d pop up and scare them! Man, that would be a total A plus Bang scare! Hahahahahaha!” Sammy corrected them. “What!? I’d never steal! Now that is just a lie!” It was Taylor’s turn to interrogate the cheerleader. “Just like how you deserted your family.” Sammy replied in disbelief, “What!? What do you mean I deserted my family?” Nom Nom went up on her face. “Come on, admit it! We know what you did! We knew you’ve ran away from home and then…” Sammy couldn’t take it anymore.

   She yelled angrily, causing Nom Nom to back off, “SHUT UP!” Nom Nom was about to speak further when Taylor cut him off, confronting Sammy. “So you admit it? Tell me then, why did you ran away? Your family needed you and you ran away from them. You should know that running away is like deserting your family and deserting your family is a huge, major offense! You are now branded as a scoundrel, a criminal, and a traitor! But worst of all, you’ve disgraced your family!” Nom Nom added gloatingly, “Yeah, that’s what you are now! So what you’ve got to say for yourself now, huh?” Sammy was quick to defend herself, “What, run away?! Is that what Amy told you? That’s nonsense, I didn’t run away! Amy framed me!” Nom Nom jeered, “Oh yeah, how so?” Sammy replied, “You can ask our mom. Go ahead and ask her if I’m ever welcomed back to the household!”

   But Sammy was in for a big shock when Taylor gave her one of the most horrifying news. “Your mom? Oh, you didn’t hear?” Sammy was starting to feel something as if something bad had happened. “Hear what?” Taylor continued, “A fire broke out in the house and killed her! It’s only Amy there now.” Sammy felt her heart being stabbed through. “What?! How could that happened? How does Amy know?” Taylor replied, “Amy just came back from the mall when it happened. She said she didn’t know how. She must have been miserable when that happened.” Sammy had to ask this question, "Where was Ben when this happened?" Taylor replied, "Who?" Sammy answered back, "Ben. our brother." Taylor then nodded and replied, "Oh yeah him. Funny that Amy doesn't mention him that often. Oh well, he's probably not important. But I will say that he wasn't there when this fire incident happened. We don't know for sure." Sammy then wondered where had Ben been all that time. She doubted that he had anything to do with it, but she wondered if Amy did anything to him. Taylor then continued, "I see you heard me right, that your mamma's gone, gone forever, burned to ashes!" Sammy’s eyes widened with shock hearing this. Enjoying the reaction, Taylor added, “Must have been a suicidal act on the account of you running away.” But Sammy then gained control of herself. There was no way her mother could have died in a fire. How was that possible?

   Shocked and angry, Sammy shouted in denial, “No! You’re lying!” Taylor sounded almost taken aback. “What? Oh, so you think I’m lying? Samey, a woman of honor like me? Well, I may be spoiled rotten and like your sister, but I’m just telling you what Amy told me. If you don’t believe me, you can just go and ask Amy yourself once we get you back to her. But I’d be careful if I were you, Amy won’t be too happy seeing you again, after you deserted her and all.” Taylor continued with a more annoyed tone, “Besides… How dare you accuse me when you’re the one who lied to everyone on Pahkitew Island and even to everyone here in this town, especially those bears?!” Sammy replied defiantly, “That’s absurd! I don’t lie!”

   Taylor smirked, “Don’t you, eh? Oh Samey… No matter how you tried to defend yourself, I remember seeing and watching what you did on that show. I even had word of what you did and I’m now hearing you denying it. It may not be any of my business, but, may I ask, did those bears and that kid with the glasses know about your past? Did you tell them everything about your past, your family, the show you were in, and how you ran away?” Sammy then found herself being filled with guilt as she hung her head in shame. Taylor knew she got her right where she wanted her.

   Taylor came close to Sammy’s face and sneered, “You didn’t tell the bears about your family at all, you didn’t even tell them about your involvement in Total Drama, did you? Say it!” Sammy mumbled, “No.” Taylor goaded her, “OMG, speak up! I don’t think we all heard you.” Sammy repeated louder, “No.” Taylor continued, “All you’ve done was poison your sister, impersonate her, run away, and lie to everyone you’ve met, including those good, gullible bears. Ain’t that right?” Sammy replied, muttering shamefully, “Yes.” Taylor yelled, “LOUDER!” Sammy repeated, raising her voice, “Yes.” Nom Nom gloated, “Aha! I knew it! You've been lying to everyone along, you've never cared about the bears or anyone else but yourself. You're just hiding behind their backs, using them as bodyguards to save your hide!” Sammy tried her best to defend herself one more time. "What?! No! Well, yeah I may have fibbed, but..." Nom Nom wouldn't hear of it. He callously cut her off, mocking her. "But, but, but! Hey sis, you're no innocent orphan hero! You're a fraud! And now, I'm gonna enjoy you and the bears staying out of my hair for good and getting kicked out of this city. My city!" Nom Nom snickered wickedly as Taylor hissed into Sammy’s ear, “Listen close, you pathetic fraud! We’re not falling for your games. You’re gonna go back to your sister, where you belong. If I ever hear from Amy of you doing something out of line again, I will personally take the pleasure in making you regret it, BIG time! Now let’s get you ready.”

   Nom Nom couldn’t help but rub his victory over Sammy’s face more. “So Sammy, how is it like to have your cute little butt handed to ya? Must be pretty humiliating for ya, huh?” Sammy just stood silent. Nom Nom thought the silent treatment wasn’t enough, but caught on to Sammy’s expression. He smirked, “It’s ashamed you won’t see those bears again. They've trusted you and look at where it's got them!” There was still no reply. Nom Nom baited her more, “Oh, you’ll get over it! I heard you traveled and manage alone?” He continued, chuckling maliciously, “Look on the bright side, at least you won’t have to put with three furry burdens.” That was then Sammy’s mood quickly changed. As Nom Nom looked close for a reaction from Sammy, he made the mistake of becoming too close and on the fire range. Unexpectedly, Sammy spat at Nom Nom’s face, hissing venomously, “My friends are not burdens! You’re just doing this just spite them! So get out of my face, you hairy toad!” Nom Nom scowled at her. He decided he didn’t like that reaction, especially when Andy was snickering behind his back.

   Not to be out-done by the cheerleader, Nom Nom advanced on her. “Oh yeah? Well look, you let the bears astray, got yourself and them captured, and because of you, they’re off to somewhere they won’t be coming back from. And you are about to be dropped off to your sister. What are you going to do about that?!” One of Nom Nom’s entourage whispered into his ear, correcting him, “Uh, actually you wanted them go to somewhere far…” Nom Nom sharply nudged him away. “Don’t tell me what I already know, Frank!” Sammy spoke defiantely, “You don’t scare me, Nom Nom!” Nom Nom, having had it with Sammy’s attitude, pushed Sammy backwards on the floor. Nom Nom growled, “Scared now?” Andy giggled, “Ha, look at her face! She is scared! Bang!” Nom Nom jumped from the table, close to where her legs where and jeered, “Cry, little baby girly-girl! Cry, cr…” Due to being tied to her chair, Sammy couldn’t get up. But her legs weren’t tied up. Sammy lashed out with her foot, catching Nom Nom in the face. She kicked him on the face and the nose.

   There was a moment of silence. Everyone, even Andy and Taylor, were surprised to see what Sammy did. Nom Nom was too, he pulled out a mirror and saw that one of his teeth got knocked out. He also got a black eye. He was now raging mad. He angrily turned on Sammy. “Oh, you don’t know when to quit, do you?” He raised his paw, claws ready. Sammy gasped in fright as the koala retaliated, slapping his paw at her face. Sammy screamed in pain. She couldn’t touch her face to see what Nom Nom did to her, but she could feel redness on her left cheek. Nom Nom pressed her head to the ground as he spoke threateningly, “I want you to remember this moment the next time you think you will ever be anything more than just a stupid, pretty-faced, dumb cheerleader!” He shoved her face to the floor and let go. He then turned and smirked at everyone else.

   But the rest were shocked at what Nom Nom did. Andy was first to comment, “Whoa, dude! I can’t believe you’ve just did that!” Nom Nom replied, “What? That I put her in her place.” Andy replied, “No, that you’ve just hit a girl!” Nom Nom shrugged. “So?” Andy continued, “We can’t hit girls! You would be a social outcast!” Nom Nom defended his action, “She deserved it. She rubbed me the wrong way, so I put her in her place. So what? She’ll be fine.”

   Taylor, however, was thinking the opposite. “It’s actually NOT fine! We’re supposed to bring her to Amy WITHOUT a scratch! Now look at you’ve done! How are we gonna explain this?!” Nom Nom actually never thought about that and he regretted that, but he couldn’t show it. “I’m sure the slap mark will wear off.” Taylor continued, “What about those little scratch marks? If Jo or Amy see them, either of them will slaughter us!” Andy gulped at the thought of it. Nom Nom replied, “Sure there may be some scratches, but they’re thing and tiny. I’m sure they’ll disappear. After all, time heals old wounds.” Taylor thought otherwise. “Oh really, well I hope you did mind me asking, but how do you think the public, your fans to be specific, are going to feel about their internet koala celebrity who just HIT A GIRL?! You’ll be ruined!” One of Nom Nom’s men whispered to Nom Nom, “She’s actually right, you know. Think about your reputation.” Although he was afraid of his reputation going downhill, Nom Nom couldn’t afford showing it. He hissed at the whisperer, “Shut up! I’ve got this.” He then turned to Taylor and growled, “They don’t know about it! They never will and I am going to keep that way!” Taylor growled back, “I hope so, for your sake!” She then turned to an agent. “You there, get a warm and wet compress and press on Samey’s cheek. She needs to look in good condition before Amy gets her back.” The agent did as he was bid as he got a compress, wetting it in warm water, helping Sammy up, and pressing it on Sammy’s cheek that Nom Nom hit.

   Andy whispered to one of his henchmen, “You’ve got that on tape?” One of his henchmen, with the hat, answered, “Got it on my phone.” Andy snickered, “Sweet! Can’t wait to see how they’ll react to that! Keep it that way, eh? We’ll see about that!” Nom Nom turned to Andy with suspicion, “You said something?” Andy replied with fake innocence, “Nope!” As Nom Nom turned away, Andy giggled at the thought of revenge that he planned in his mind for.

   Taylor turned to Sammy. “As for you, Samey, that’s quite enough out of you. Nom Nom does have a point here. You won’t have to worry about those bears again. I’m sure they’ll like their new home, thanks to you!” Sammy growled, “You better not hurt them!” Taylor replied in mock assurance, “Oh, don’t you fret about them. As long as you don’t run away from Amy anymore, I wouldn’t worry about harming those furballs. You, on the other hand, need to be taught a lesson. But you’ll have to learn that when we get you back to Amy in Canada.” Then suddenly, a voice called out, followed by footsteps. “Taylor, are you down here?” There came Taylor’s mom, Kelly. Taylor was taken slightly by surprise. “Mom, what are you doing here?” Kelly returned the question, “Well, what are you doing down here, where it’s dark and stuffy? It’s very unlike you to be here. Come on, it’s time for lunch and for the dance.” Kelly then caught sight of Nom Nom, Andy, and their entourages. “Taylor, who are they? Are they your new friends, or something?” Taylor answered, “No, Mom. It’s just some internet celebrities and their entourages.”

    Kelly felt impressed. “Celebrities, eh? Trying to become locally famous, I see? That’s so cool!” Taylor face-palmed in embarrassment. But things turned slightly worse when Kelly saw Sammy strapped to a chair. Disgusted and annoyed, Kelly turned and confronted her daughter. “Taylor, what is all this about?! What did we say? No tormenting or bullying the local residents! Show some respect for the neighbors! We need to have a good reputation.” Taylor replied, “I had to, Mom. I really have to.” She turned to her agents. “Boys, get her out of here and ready for Jo.” Kelly then recognized Sammy immediately. “Wait! Is this one of the competitors of Pahkitew Island? You must be Samey, right?” Sammy kindly corrected her, “It’s Sammy actually.” Kelly replied, “Right! My step-son loves to watch it and is a fan of many of the competitors there, even you. His favorite though is Sky. He says she has great moves. But he also said you were nice and cute. I don’t blame him. I wish you were a daughter of mine.” Sammy, touched by Kelly’s words, smiled. “Aw, that’s very sweet. I like your hair and your outfit.” Kelly replied, “Aw, thank you so much dearie.”

   Kelly then gasped, “Oh my! What a nasty mark you’ve got on your face! What happened?” Kelly angrily turned to Taylor, “Did you or any of them do that to her?!” Taylor tried to make up an excuse, “No, um, it was a dog that did it. Not these dogs over here, but a stray one. Yeah, we found her lost and we were just taking care of her. Poor Samey, she must have been frightening for her when we found her. She was so traumatized that we had to restrain her form getting herself hurt.” Sammy muttered under her breath, “Ha, that’s a laugh!” Kelly eyed Taylor suspiciously. “Hmm, it better have been that way. I’m getting Junior so he could see Sammy and so she could sign his cap. So kindly take her outside so she can get some fresh air.” With that, Kelly left.

   Taylor sighed with annoyance and embarrassment, “Forgive her. Ever since she broke up with Daddy and married this Dwayne doofus, Mom has become more demanding to me and now she’s treating his kid more special than me!” Sammy replied, “I see. She seems nice though. Maybe if you just some more appreciation for her, she might have…” Taylor cut her off sharply, “Enough! That was last year.  I’m still the best one in this family besides daddy before we split up!” Sammy couldn’t help but ask, “May I ask, how, or why, did your mom and dad divorced?” Taylor replied sarcastically, “Like Mom appreciates how Daddy treats her. It’s not his fault he and I are alike. Huh, Mom said I need a good influence and Daddy isn’t one of them. Enough talk, it’s none of your business anyway. You there, untie Samey and get her moving!” One of the agents untied Sammy from the chair and hand-cuffed her. Taylor, Nom Nom, Andy, and their men then had Sammy marching out of the basement and outside.

   They quickly and quietly headed for a limousine. Sammy then made a curious discovery. Under their feet were man-made geysers. They were ready to sprout some water out and Sammy and the others were in the way. While, Taylor remarked to Sammy, “It’s shame for you, Samey. You’ve been rebelling against your sister your entire life and now you’ve been running from you this summer so far. Now your time is finally up!” Sammy attempted to give the geysers some time. “Can we stay a little longer? You know, meet the new members of your family, check out this place, and talk about your life?” Taylor would not be budged. “Sorry, but you’ve got a flight to catch.” Sammy saw around them the geysers getting ready. She smirked at Taylor. “Oh yeah, so do you!”

   Taylor was caught off guard by Sammy’s remark. “Huh? Wait, what…?” Before anyone, besides Sammy, figured out what’s happening, the man-made geysers suddenly blew out their water and caught everyone in them. Everyone but Sammy screamed in surprise. Taylor lost her grip on the keys and they fell from her hand. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! hey!” Sammy caught the keys and unlocked her cuffs, freeing herself. When the geyser she was in stopped and landed her back to safe ground, Sammy made a run for it. Taylor yelled. “Hey! Get here! Men, get her!” Some of the agents tried to surround Sammy, but she lay her foot on one geyser sprout and redirected it on the agents, blasting them away. Sammy dodged both water geysers and agents. Her foot landed on Nom Nom as a boost. Nom Nom cried, “Ow! Hey, my wallet!” Sammy caught the wallet that fell from a geyser and kept hold of it while smirking at the koala. Nom Nom yelled, “Men, get her! She has my wallet! Don’t let her get away!”

   Sammy ran as Taylor, Nom Nom, Andy, and their men and dogs chased after her. But they couldn’t catch her. Sammy was already getting a head start and the geysers were in the way. The pursuers then made the wrong step at the wrong time when they got themselves caught in a huge water geyser, the biggest of them all. They screamed and yelled as they were lifted high up to the sky with water in their behinds. When the geyser stopped, the pursuers then fell to the ground. Taylor yelled after Sammy, “NO! YOU WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS!” She then landed her face, with the others piling on her as she yelled, “OW! Curse you, man-made geysers! Ah, why do we even have them?!” Sammy smiled at the fact she was free. She then pulled out her phone and dialed Ranger Tabes’ number.

   Meanwhile, in the ranger station, Ranger Tabes was studying some slightly odd-looking feathers. She was becoming very suspicious. “Hmm, when I took notice of those reptile-bird hybrids, they were the size of leopards and had these orange feathers. Then I’ve thought I saw some weird-looking bird standing by an abandoned chicken coop. It also looked like a deformed cassowary. Good thing I’ve collected one of his feathers, all black I say. And then there were some tree trunks with those claw marks made by some animal with long claws and these grey and red feathers. And I thought I’ve saw some raven with a very long tail and four wings. And of course, those huge tracks that almost like that of a bird, a very huge one. Telling by the size of them, the owner could be the size of a moose. I don’t know what we’re up against, but somehow they look as if they’ve came back from the past.” Tabes studied her collection, she needed to know where they came from and how did they get into the woods.

   In Tabe’s collection, there were feathers and photos. The feathers all came in some shapes and sizes. Some were short, others long. Some were colorful, while some were black. The photos were of the tracks, the kills made by the mysterious perpetrators, the long claw marks on trees, and even some of the weird animals Tabes caught the glimpse of. Those were blurry, as if the animals noticed her and ran off. Others were just silhouettes. Tabes looked harder at the photos and the feathers. “Who are you? What are you? Where are you lot? I won’t rest until I expose you all to the world for what you all really are!”

   Suddenly, her phone rang and Tabes picked it up and answered, “Hello?” The caller answered, “Tabes, are you there?” Tabes knew exactly who it was. “Sammy? Hey, what’s going on? What can I do for you today?” Sammy replied, “Tabes, I know you’ve just saved us yesterday and I am sorry to bother you but this is an emergency!” Tabes replied coolly, “No problem, that’s what I’m here for. Is that saberine bothering you and those bears again?” Sammy replied, “No, but someone else is. They’ve kidnapped me and took the bears and Chloe away. You know Charlie, the tall bear, right?” Now concerned about her friends, Tabes nodded. “Yep, I think I do.” Sammy continued, “Okay, he’s out there, looking for the bears and Chloe. While he’s doing that, I need you to meet me in Pine Grove. In case Charlie hasn’t found or rescued the bears and Chloe yet, then when we meet each other, we’ll have to go after them and save them, okay? Can you do that for me?”

   Tabes replied, “You don’t have to ask me twice, I’m on it! I’ll meet you there.” Sammy replied, “Thank you! I’ll meet you at Pine Grove.” Tabes nodded. “You’ve got it!” Tabes hanged up and got ready for the trip. She called out to one of her companions, “I’ll be out, Martinez! I won’t be long!” The other ranger, Martinez, replied, “Alright. See ya then.” Tabes marched out and on to her mission. “Ranger Tabes is out and to the rescue!”

   Sammy hung up the phone and kept low. She had been hiding around Taylor’s family’s yard, looking for a way out, while she made her call. She tried and made sure nobody saw her. She even kept her voice down when she talked to Tabes on the phone. Sammy looked around and was about to make a move, but she found someone in her way and facing her. She stopped and froze. It was none other than Dwayne’s son, Junior. He gasped happily at the sight of her. “My new mom was right! It is you! You’re Sammy, from Total Drama Pahkitew Island, right?” Although impressed and glad someone else knew her real name, Sammy pled to the boy. “Please don’t turn me in, kid! I just want to get to my friends and make sure they’re okay.” Junior nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I’m actually a fan of yours. Although I like Sky the most, since she has great skills and I would like her to sign my cap, I like you too. You’re cute and nice, unlike your sister. I’m sorry she treats you horribly.”

   Sammy was touched by what he said. “Wow, really?” Junior continued, “Yeah, besides I can’t stand Taylor hanging out with her. I don’t want to judge, but they’re a horrible influence on each other.” Sammy replied, “Tell me about it.” Junior introduced himself, “You may have watched the show I was on, but if not, my name’s Junior.” Sammy smiled, “Nice to meet you. So, you know a way I could head for the woods? That’s where my friends would hang.” Junior nodded, leading Sammy to a way. “Yeah, I know a way there. This way, quick!” That path lead through the urban area and into the woodland park. Sammy smiled at Junior. “Thanks, Junior! You’re a live-saver.” Junior replied, “Anytime. Oh two things please. If you do see Sky, tell her I said hi.” Sammy nodded. “I’ll do!” Junior continued, taking his cap off and showing it to Sammy while handing her a pen, “And another thing, will you sign my cap? I know I hope Sky could sign my cap, but I would also like an autograph from you, Jasmine, and even Shawn. You guys rock.” Sammy felt very honored that she replied, “Really, me and the others? Thanks, with pleasure.” She signed Junior’s cap and Junior put his cap back on. He smiled at the cheerleader. “Thanks and I hope you find your friends.” Sammy replied, waving, “Thanks! See ya around.” Junior waved back. “You too!” With that, the two parted ways as Sammy headed for Pine Grove.

   While Sammy makes her escape, Taylor struggled to get out of the pile of agents, dogs, Nom Nom’s entourage, and Andy’s crew. Taylor was steaming with fury. Her prisoner had just escaped and, to add insult to injury, she was being dog-piled to the ground. As she got out and up, she took it out on the others. “This is all your faults! You all let her get away! You idiots couldn’t preform one single task!” Before a reply came from anyone, Taylor’s phone rang. She picked up and answered, Hello?” It was Jo who made the call. “Hello, Taylor? I’ve called to see how it is going with our prisoner. Is she ready?” Taylor sighed, “No. In fact, she escaped, thanks to my parent’s stupid water geysers!” Jo replied, “What, she escaped again, eh? Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t just stand there, go after her!” Taylor nodded, knowing that Jo was right. She replied, “Right. Well in that case, I’m on it and I’ll call you back when I have her.” Jo replied, “Okay, I’ll meet up with you.” The girls then hung up and started to get ready.

   After Jo hung up, she called Max and Sugar. When they answered, Jo spoke, “Guys, Samey escaped, she’s at large! We need to help Taylor to sweep the town and the surrounding areas now!” Still struggling with Max to get of their crashed car, Sugar replied, “Uh, alright! Just give us a few minutes and we’ll be at it. We just have some difficulties right now.” Jo raised an eyebrow. “What? Where are you guys?” Sugar answered, “Well, let’s just say we’re in a forest, still in the car, which crashed into a tree.” Jo asked, “And how did that happened?” Max answered, “Nothing much, just two dumb, over-sensitive tree-huggers rammed our car out of the road. But we didn’t do anything!” Jo growled, “It was probably the bears, wasn’t it?” Sugar guessed, “Uh, yeah, could be. They’re trying to clear Samey’s name.” Jo asked, “Where are they?” Max replied, “They’ve escaped and left us stranded in this stupid car!” Jo sighed to herself, “Idiots!” She then spoke to the duo, “Wait right there, I’ll be there.” She hanged up and got herself and the dogs ready. “Come on, everyone. We’ve got a runaway to catch!”

   As Jo hung up, Max and Sugar were to wait for Jo to get them. Sugar complained, “Aw, darn gone it! How are we gonna get out?! I don’t like being cramped into tiny spaces, my tummy hurts and I’m already starting to get the cramppies!” Max replied, “Now you know how I felt when I had to sit in the back during our trip here. But I agree that we are in a tight pickle. I think I have an idea. Sugar, do you see our feet?” Sugar tried and said, “I can’t see anything below me.” Max replied, “Well, I think I see our feet dangling near the ground. Now, all we have to do is wiggle down to the ground, slow but quick!” Sugar slowly nodded. “Okay, when do we start?” Max replied, “Starting now, go!”

   The duo both got started wiggling down out of the car to the ground. But they were unaware that nearby was a rather strange-looking animal. It looked like a lizard with horns on its cheeks, long quills on its tail, and a parrot-like beak. It was walking on two legs. Its neck and upper face were orange, while the rest of the body was green and the legs and arms were black. All over the body, including the head and neck, were streaks of white and blue crossing each other like checkers. The animal was also about the size of a capybara and was a herbivore. The animal too was unaware of Max and Sugar’s presence. It was munching on pine cones that fallen from the trees. The pine cones were the creature’s favorite treat. That was why the creature had a powerful, parrot-like beak.

   Max and Sugar were almost to the ground, but they were just above the weird animal’s tail, where the long and sharp quills were. Max announced to Sugar, “Alright, we’re almost there! On the count of three, we throw ourselves out and down. One…Two… Three, now!” Sugar yelled, “Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa! Here we go!” The duo shoved themselves to the ground, but it was at that moment that they realized they’ve messed up! As they went for the ground, their rear ends instead landed on the creature’s quills as it was still snacking on the pine cones. The quills gave the duo a very sharp poke that they suddenly jumped back into the car, holding their rears and screaming in pain. “YEEEEAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!” The strange-looking creature wasn’t aware of Max and Sugar’s presence either. But the creature did hear them as the volume of their screams of pain startled it, causing it to run off for cover, leaving Max and Sugar stuck to the crash car doors they were in before, howling in pain and rubbing their bottoms.


   Meanwhile, Charlie was looking around for any sign of the bears. He had his bear disguise just in case someone else saw him. He was explaining the plan to himself. “Alright, Charlie, remember the plan! Search for the bears and Chloe, find the car that has them, go after it, save the bears and Chloe, find Sammy and save her, then live happily ever after with Sammy and the bears.” Suddenly a voice spoke from behind. “Charlie?” It spoke Charlie, who jumped and yelped. He turned around to see it was the bears and Chloe. Charlie signed with relief, “Oh, guys, it’s just you. Where have you’ve all been? I heard you guys and Sammy got captured.” Grizzly replied, “Well, we were, but we’ve escaped.”

   Panda asked, “What are you doing here?” Charlie answered, “Sammy gave me a mission to look for you guys, follow the car that took you, and save you guys. Man, she really does see me as a hero!” Chloe replied, “Charlie, listen. Something huge is going on here. If Sammy is hiding some dark secret in her past or any information about her family, we need to find out and interrogate her! We need you to tell us where she called you from and lead us to her as best as you can!” Grizzly added, “Yeah, just tell us where she could be, so we can prove this is all just a big misunderstanding.” Charlie was always willing to help out his friends, but he didn’t understand what they were talking about. “Well, I don’t know where she called me from, but it sounded like she was being kept in some dark containment. But, can I ask, what are you guys talking about? I thought Sammy is our friend, right?” Ice Bear replied, “Ice Bear wants to believe so.”

   Panda explained, “Well, we went back to the cave where her stuff was. We searched through it to prove she was innocent when she was accused of some crimes there. We also searched on the internet for some clips of the game show she played, it’s called Pahkitew Island. Well, you may not like it, but we’ve then found this on the internet.” Panda had took his laptop with him as evidence and handed it to Charlie. Charlie opened the laptop and saw the clip of the game show, where Sammy smiled as the other girl who looked exactly like her, except with the mole, got elimated and blasted by the cannon and he also saw the confessional footage where Sammy and the tall Australian girl admitted that Sammy played the switch-a-roo on that girl. Charlie was taken by surprised by what he watched. “Whoa, now that’s a shocker. I didn’t know she did that.”

   Panda then pulled out the wanted poster and revealed it to Charlie. “We then found this. Ever wondered why she was all alone when you and we have met her? Well, check this out.” Charlie took a look at the poster and gasped at what he read. “What?! You mean she ran away? But I don’t understand. Why would she do that?” Chloe answered, “That’s what we want to know.” Charlie was now confused. “Wait, so Sammy said she was an orphan when she actually ran away? And as for that video you showed me, what did Sammy do to that girl that almost looked like her to switch with her? Who was that girl anyway? It’s like as if she lied to us.” Panda replied, “That is what it exactly looks like and that’s why we need answers and the truth from her!” Ice Bear added, “Ice Bear needs the truth badly and wants to trust Sammy!”

   Suddenly, a ringtone rang from Panda’s phone, causing Panda to pull it out and see who it was. He answered, “Hello, Who is this?” The caller replied, “Hey guys. It’s me, Ranger Tabes. Sammy called me and told me you guys needed some help. Did your friend, Charlie, get you guys out?” Panda replied, “Actually we’ve escaped on our own and we’ve just bumped into Charlie.” He then turned to the others. “It’s Tabes. She wants to make sure we’re alright.” He then went back on his phone as Tabes replied, “That’s great! Sammy told me that she escaped too and that I should meet her in Pine Grove. She said some maniacs kidnapped you guys and her. If you don’t mind me asking, is there something going on here?” The friends then looked at each and nodded.

   Panda answered, “Tabes, there is indeed something going on. Those maniacs were trying to arrest Sammy for things they accused her of doing. But when we’ve escaped and looked through her stuff and the internet to prove she was innocent, we instead found some odd and crazy stuff.” Tabes sounded confused and slightly surprised. “What? What you mean by crazy and odd?” Panda replied, “We’ll need to show you. Please stay right where you are. We’ll meet you at Pine Grove.” Tabes replied understandingly, “That’s what I’m doing. I’ll meet you guys here.” When the conversation ended and the phones were hung up, Panda announced, “Guys, we need to meet Ranger Tabes in Pine Grove and show her what we’ve found.” Grizzly nodded with agreement, along with the others. “Then Pine Grove it is! To Pine Grove we go!” The friends then changed direction and headed for Pine Grove, where Ranger Tabes was waiting for Sammy. That was also where they’ll meet Sammy and interrogate her. Even if it has to be in those woods, so be it!


   Meanwhile, Sammy was making a run for it. She had been on the run since Junior showed her the way to Pine Grove. Sammy ran as she could, murmuring to herself, “I gotta be there, quick! I sure hope they’re alright and that they’ve escaped!” Far behind her, Sammy could hear Taylor, Nom Nom, and Andy shouting commands to their goons. “She’s getting away!” “After her!” “Come on, you guys! Move! Move!” That drove Sammy to run as fast as she could. Sammy managed to be a mile ahead of her pursuers. She then spotted a produce truck. There was a woman loading a variety of fruits and vegetables. Sammy had an idea. She went up to the lady and asked, “Hi there! Looks like you’ve got loads of stuff to carry.” The lady turned to Sammy’s direction. She had a kind look on her face. She had a short, brunette ponytail. She worn an apron that said Lucy’s Produce. She greeted Sammy, “Hey there. I sure do. I’ve got a lot of fruits and veggies to load up. It’s gonna take a long time to load them all up and I’m starting to get tired soon. But the sooner they’re all up aboard, the better.”

   Sammy had sympathy for the lady doing the work by herself; she couldn’t help but offer some service. She asked, “Hey, could I help you with those. I think if you had someone to help you out, it’ll be a lot quicker. What d’ya say?” The lady gladly took the offer. “Well that’ll be much appreciated. Thank you! The name’s Lucy. You can call me Produce Lucy if you like.” Sammy introduced herself, “I’m Sammy, it’s nice to meet you.” It took ten minutes for the girls to load up the produce together. Some were light enough to carry, others needed them both to carry and load up on the truck. But in a few more seconds, every last box of produce was loaded up. Both  girls sighed and brushed the sweat off their heads. Lucy sighed, “Well, that was quick! Thanks Sammy for all your help.” Sammy replied, “No problem.” She then thought about it and put her plan to action.

   She made the request, “Hey, do you think you could give me a ride towards woods, there’s a place I was heading towards to meet my friends at.” Lucy smiled gratefully and replied, “It’ll be my pleasure! Anything for my helper. The problem is though that the front is packed with lots of stuff, so you’ll have to sit in the back with the old melons and rotten tomatoes that I’m taking to the compose dump.” Sammy smiled. The ride will hopefully help her get way more ahead of her pursuers. She even didn’t care about being in the back with the old, rotten produce. “That’ll be no problem. Thanks!” And so, Lucy helped Sammy get on board in the back and when Lucy got in the truck, they were on the move.

   As they started on their way, Taylor’s group arrived and saw Lucy’s truck. It was Nom Nom who spotted Sammy at the back. “There she is! She is in the back!” Taylor replied, “Thought she could hitchhike and blend in there, huh? Pretty clever, but not clever enough! Follow that truck!” One of the agents pressed on the gas and the Taylor’s car was soon gaining on Lucy’s car. Sammy saw them first and tried to duck down, but she knew it was no use. They already found her. She wished she could ask Lucy to go faster, but she didn’t want to reveal to her that she was a fugitive. So it was up to Sammy to fend the pursuers off. Sammy noticed the rotten tomatoes and had an idea. Taylor, Nom Nom, and Andy saw her facing them and had a hand full of tomatoes, smirking at them. Taylor didn’t like the look of that. “What is she up to?” Andy noticed the tomatoes, but didn’t seem to give a care. “Oooh! She has some tomatoes, I’m real scared! What is she going to do, eat them in front of us?” But Nom Nom had a different idea and didn’t like where this is going. “Wait, did you say tomatoes? Oh no! I know what she’s gonna do! She’s not going to eat them, but you guys might wanna duc…!” Before he could finish, a tomato splattered on the windshield, catching everyone by surprise. “AAAAAHHHH!” “What the…?!” Sammy had begun her attack.

   Taylor glared at Sammy. “Very funny, but one tomato isn’t going to stop us!” Then more tomatoes hit the windshield, depriving the driver of the direction. Nom Nom had to poke his head to show where Lucy’s truck is heading. But before he could do that, he was hit on the face as he screamed, “AAAAAHHH! MY EYES! I HATE TOMATOES! IT’S ALL OVER MY EYES, GET IT OFF! I CAN’T SEE!” Andy laughed at Nom Nom’s misfortune. He made the mistake to poke his head out to jeer at the cheerleader. “Ha-ha-ha-ha! Is that all the best you’ve got?! You’ve got try harder and better than tha…!” A tomato splattered on his mouth, cutting him off. He spat the rotten fruit out. “Pfft! Yuck! That thing’s rotten! She’s throwing rotten tomatoes at us!” Taylor sneered in disgust. “EWW! Not in my car!” She then poked her head out and called out, “Hey! Samey, cut that out!” A tomato landed squarely at her face. She screamed in surprise, pain, and disgust. As she wiped it off, she saw the truck going ahead, with Sammy laughing at her. She was furious. “NO! CURSE YOU, SAMEY! That’s it! Time that we taught her some manners!” Taylor barked her demand, “Driver, take us closer, on the left side of that truck!”

   The driver turned on the right side of Lucy’s truck, where Taylor rolled down her window and got out to get a hold of the truck. The fingers of both her hands caught the side of the truck, where Sammy was. Taylor smirked at Sammy. “Going somewhere, Samey?” Sammy yelled, “Get lost, Taylor!” She kicked at Taylor’s fingers, causing her to lose her grip. As Lucy’s truck was gaining more speed, going slightly ahead of Taylor’s car, Taylor barked, “Faster! She’s getting away!” As Taylor’s car was gaining more speed, Sammy gathered some old watermelons and tossed three at Taylor’s car. One of the melons landed inside the car, exploding on everyone. The goons were grossed out by the fact they were covered in old watermelon. That slowed Taylor’s car down only a bit. The car eventually caught up next to the truck again. Lucy was unaware of the chaos happening behind her truck. Taylor then leapt out of her window and grabbed the side of the truck, with her legs still in her car. Taylor yelled, “Give it up, Samey! You’ll never be anything but just a stupid, little phony!”

   Sammy has had it with Taylor. She replied, “You know what, Taylor?” She grabbed the biggest, most rotten watermelon near her and, with both hands, smashed the melon on Taylor’s head, causing her to lose her grip again. This time, it also caused her car to lose control. Sammy shouted at Taylor, “You look like the phony from here!” Taylor’s car was out of control, Taylor struggled to get back in the car. Taylor, Nom Nom, Andy, and their crews screamed in panic. Taylor shouted, “Stop the car, quick!” The driver pulled the brakes as hard as he could. The car went off the road and almost crashed into a tree. Fortunately, the car stopped at the tree, an inch away. Everyone got out of the car, stumbling to the ground.

   Sammy smiled and whooped, “OMG, I did it! Yes! Alright, yeah!” As the villains got out, they saw Sammy smiling and laughing at their faces. Andy and his crew stared at their clothes in embarrassment. Nom Nom complained, “EWW! Look at me! I’m hideous and I smell!” He roared after Sammy, “You are gonna regret this, Samey, when I get my paws on you! I swear it!” Taylor brushed off the rotten fruit as she glared at Sammy with extreme hatred as she yelled after Sammy, “Amy was right about you, Samey! You’re a liar and a coward! Amy has warranted for your capture fair and square, but you’re too much of a wimp to respect that! You better keep on running, we’re still coming after you and what I’m gonna do to you WON’T be pretty!” The villains had to regain their breath as they watched the truck Sammy was in drive away far from their reach.

   Andy cried like a baby as he complained, “WAAAHHH! I can’t believe this, I’m covered in rotten tomatoes and I even had one in my mouth! That was disgusting! Please don’t tell me anyone was watching and recording this! I’ll be ruined more!” One of his crew, the boy with the hat, tried to comfort him. “I’m sure nobody was watching, otherwise we would have them pulverized!” The other boy repeat, “Yeah, pulverized!” Nom Nom whispered under his breath, “Hmm, may not be such a bad idea.” Taylor replied, “Speak for yourself, look what she did to my dress! Ugh! She is so gonna pay when I get a hold of her! I swear it!” Andy agreed, “Yeah, wait till we get our hands on her!” Nom Nom brushed the last rotten fruit off. “So, what are we going to do now?” Taylor had already been planning it out. “I know what we’re going to do. You and Andy are going to take your entourages with you two and search in the woods while I take my men track her on the road.”

   Andy gulped, “You mean in these woods? But what if there’s…” Nom Nom cut him off, “Relax you big baby! She has a good point. If there’s any reason Samey has to go into the woods, it’s to search or meet the bears there. So, if any chance the bears escaped and they meet her there, we get Samey, along with the bears.” Andy stopped and changed his attitude to look tough in front of his crew. “Right, I knew that! I still can’t wait to get my hands on her. She’s gonna pay for messing with Andy Bangs!” His henchmen repeated in support, “Yeah, pay big time!” “Yeah, you’ll show her!” Nom Nom rolled his eyes, then turned to Taylor. “Right, Andy and I will search the woods, you can keep on the road.” Taylor nodded, “Exactly. Now when you two find her, keep her in your sights. Don’t you two dare let her escape!” The two nodded and called for their entourages to join them in the search in the woods. When they were gone, Taylor called to her agents, “Right then. Let’s get back to the road and follow that truck!” With that, Taylor and her crew went back in the car and drove off after Lucy’s truck.


   As they got further away from Taylor’s car. Lucy and Sammy finally reached the entrance of the woods. Lucy announced, “Well, there it is, the woods. That’s your stop, right?” Sammy got out of the truck and thanked Lucy.  “Yep, it is. I just want to thank you so much! I really appreciate it. But the back got a little bumpy and I think I accidently lost some of your tomatoes and watermelons. Sorry about that.” Lucy smiled. “That’s okay, don’t worry about it. I was considering on recycling them in the compost dump anyway.” Sammy asked, “Could I pay you for the ride or the produce that were lost?” Lucy kindly shook her head. “Oh no, that’ll be alright. It’s my treat for you helping me out. Thanks again.” Sammy replied, “No problem.”

   Lucy spoke, “Hey listen, Sammy. You take great care of yourself, okay?” Sammy nodded, “Thanks again!” Lucy replied, “No problem. See ya around!” Sammy replied, “You too.” As Lucy and Sammy waved goodbye to each other, Lucy drove off. Sammy smiled as Lucy left. Lucy did her a great service, even when she helped her with the produce. She hoped she’ll see her again. Sammy then went back on her mission. She knew better than underestimate Taylor, Nom Nom, and Andy. She knew they’ll be back on her trail soon and catch up with her. She needs to throw them off more to give herself time to meet Tabes in Pine Grove, but with what? Something then caught her eye.

   Sammy had spotted a limousine, accompanied by none other than the Step-Brothers, Lorenzo and Chet. Sammy then saw a scarecrow left unattended on a fence lining near the brush. An idea suddenly popped into her head. Taking the scarecrow, Sammy took off the previous clothes that were on it. She then pulled out an extra cheerleader outfit and put it on the scarecrow. She even pulled out a wig she bought at a store, it resembled her hair. She then took out a makeup kit and drew her own face on the scarecrow’s. Sammy smiled at her work; the scarecrow now looked exactly like her.

   Lorenzo and Chet were on patrol and guarding the car they had with them. They were having a lunch break. They were having a good time with each other, talking and laughing. Lorenzo commented, “I can’t believe the boss gave us a position to be charge of his car.” Chet nodded, “Yeah, and just to make sure it doesn’t get scratched. Being in charge of a car is fun!” Lorenzo replied, chuckling, “Yeah! And if anyone tries to steal it, we’d give him…uh… the biggest punch he’d ever had!” Chet chuckled, agreeing, “Yeah! Besides, who would be so stupid to steal anything from the boss? Only a butt-head would.” They made some laughs when Sammy approached them. Sammy spoke politely, “Excuse me.”

   They stopped and saw Sammy.  Lorenzo asked, “Hello, can we help you?” Chet added, “Yeah, who are you and what do you want from us?” Sammy replied, “Hey, can I ask you guys something?” Chet replied, “Sure, what is it?” Do any of you guys know where Pine Grove is?” Lorenzo and Chet weren’t exactly sure as they guessed. “Uh, yeah maybe.” “We don’t really know, why?” Sammy understood that they weren’t familiar with Pine Grove, but she still stuck to her plan. She pulled out and checked through Nom Nom’s wallet, which contained a lot of money. She pulled out two fifty dollar bills and handed them over to the Step-Brothers. “Okay, here’s fifty bucks for each of you. Drive as far away from these woods and into the city as possible and don’t stop when a car containing a brunette rich girl and a bunch of agents starts chasing you. And please take this with you.” She opened one car door and propped the scarecrow, which now looked exactly like her, on the seat.

   As the Step-Brothers took the money from Sammy, they stared awkwardly at the money, then back as Sammy. Lorenzo questioned, “You’re not trying to bribe us, are you?” Sammy nervously explained, “That girl and her goons are chasing after. She does not like me and wants to hurt me badly.” Chet then spoke, “Hey, I think I know you. You’re one of those twins from this Pahkitew Island show, part of Total Drama, right? You are the nice one, are you?” Sammy confessed, “Yep, that’s me.” She wasn’t sure what would happen. She hoped they wouldn’t turn her in. So she continued, “Also, I’m in a hurry to meet some friends and I want to make sure they’re okay.” She watched as the Step-Brothers glared at her. Then their reaction surprised her. Lorenzo smiled. “Oh yeah, you’re right, Chet. She is the nicer twin.” Chet replied, “Aha! I knew it!” Lorenzo turned kindly to Sammy. “I see. Well nice to meet you and we’re sorry about how your horrible sister treats you.” Chet added, “If only she treated you better, you two would have been like us! We used to hate each other, but now we’re the best bros we could ever have!” Lorenzo agreed, “You’ve got that right!” Chet then asked Sammy, “By the way, sorry we forgot, but what’s your name?” Sammy answered, “They would call me Samey, but it’s actually Sammy.” Lorenzo replied, “Well Sammy, we understand your situation. So if you want us to drive far away from these woods and into the city with that scarecrow doll of yours, so be it!” Chet added, “Yeah and thanks for the money!” Sammy replied, “No problem, but you guys might wanna start driving, okay?”

   Lorenzo nodded, “Sure thing! Besides, we’re done with lunch anyway.” Chet added, “Yeah and driving around town sounds fun!” Lorenzo and Chet quickly spoke, “See ya around!” There they drove off, with Sammy waving and shouting, “Thank you guys!” With that, Sammy ran and hid under the brush as she heard a car coming. As she hid and watched, she knew it was Taylor’s car as Taylor shouted, “She’s getting away!” Taylor saw the car Lorenzo and Chet were driving moving away. Taylor expected Sammy to be in the car. “Obviously!” She turned and commanded the agents. “Quick, follow that limousine!” Sammy watched as Taylor’s car continued after Lorenzo and Chet’s limousine. When they were gone, Sammy got up and headed into the woods. She chuckled, “This time, the jokes are on you guys!” She strode off into the woods towards Pine Grove to meet Ranger Tabes there. When she gets there, she was hoping to find and save the bears and Chloe. But she was unaware that something was watching her. As Sammy passed by, she didn’t know Otterzilla was watching her from a distance. Slowly and with a good distance, the mutant otter stalked Sammy through the woods, waiting for his chance!
While the bears did some investigation after their escape and are looking for Sammy to ask some serious questions, Sammy is looking for a way out. After a little argument between her and her captors (during which Sammy finds out some horrid news), Sammy gets a break and makes her own escape, with a little help from new friends. Plus, she even goes on a wild ride and gives her captors one heck of a time!

Sammy, Taylor, Kelly, Junior, Jo, Sugar, Max, Lorenzo, and Chet all belong to Total Drama/The Ridonculous Race, which belongs to Fresh TV.
Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear, Chloe, Charlie, Ranger Tabes, Lucy, Nom Nom, Andy Bangs, and their entourages belong to We Bare Bears, which belongs to Daniel Chong.
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